Quality Assurance

Ensuring The Quality Of Your Construction Project Is Paramount

At Maintenance Plus Ltd we follow the most up-to-date and stringent quality assurance practices. Always ensuring we meet and exceed guidelines and certificates.

We always ensure all our certificates & credentials are totally up-to-date and following the best practices possible. So you can rest assured that your quality assurance is 100% taken care of.

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Certificate Of Membership

This is to certify that the Health & Safety documentation supplied by:

Devon Maintenance Plus Ltd

Has been checked by Safety Management Advisory Services Limited and the Company named above has been awarded a:

Worksafe Contractor Membership Certificate

as a


The process followed the SSIP Core Criteria, evaluating the designated elements of Health and Safety Management documentation.

Certificate Number: 48725

Devon Mainternace Plus Ltd Has MBTRADA System Certification (ISO 9001) and BMTRADA Q-Mark Certification, so your quality is 100% assured.


This is to certify that

Devon Maintenance Plus Ltd

12a Gidleys Meadow Christow

Has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Scope of certification

Specialist coating contractors for brickwork, concrete, flooring, steels and structures for protection, wear, decoration and anti-skid to agreed specifications.

Certificate Of Approval

This is to certify that

Devon Maintenance plus Ltd

Has been accredited by exor and has attained the required standards for the accreditation love shown below.

Accreditation level: Health & Safety Qualified

Registration number: GC3357

Certificate of Registration

This is to certify that:

Devon Maintenance Plus Ltd

Supplier Number: 052858

Are now fully registered as a supplier on UVDB for the following products/services:

  • 2.9.4 Industrial Painting & Specialist Coating Services
  • 2.9.6 Roofing Services 2.9.7 Concrete Services
  • 2.9.15 Minor Civil Works for General Buildings/Offices/Depots
  • 4.1.36 Flood Defence Construction 4.1.45 Sector Specific Minor Civil Works
  • 4.1.50 Bridge Maintenance
  • 4.5.19 Substation General Maintenance

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