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A Company You Can Trust, Rely On And Come Back to For Your Civil Engineering And Building Service Needs

As a company we like to specify the correct products for your requirements, we also like to help solve problems that may occur during the construction process.

We offer free surveys and specification advice. We also follow a stringent Quality procedure to ensure we have a trail to follow and regular site inspections are carried out. This is the real power of a dedicated and experienced Civil Engineering And Building Company.

Established, Experienced & Expert Services You Can Trust

Established in 1997, our main focus has always been to be at the forefront of infrastructure repair and protection. The methods we employ and the products used have always been innovative and absolutely effective.

This is because of our consistent adaptability and versatility in an industry that demands us to be the best. We take a personal approach to all our projects and in a climate not kind to small businesses we have managed to thrive because of this approach. Our client base has always been strong and able to grow because of the level of confidence in us and therefore the level of expectation that our company has come to stand for.

As we continue to grow, our ideals and aims will reflect an ever changing world. It is always our priority to pass on the most modern methods and products to your project keeping your money, safety and our carbon footprint in mind.

Our Company Background

Devon Maintenance Plus Ltd have been a specialist in the construction industry since our formation in 1997, specialising in Bridge Deck waterproofing, Structural waterproofing, Car Park refurbishment, protective coatings for steel and concrete structures, expansion joint installation, high friction resin surfacing, resin bonded and bound driveways, liquid roofing systems, concrete repairs, resin flooring together with general civil engineering and building work. We work mainly in the South West of England and South Wales.

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A Team you Can Trust

Our Team, Our Company By Maintenance Plus Ltd

At Maintenance Plus Ltd, we have a strong team of highly experienced experts. Experience has given us a great deal of flexibility and specialisation. You can read more about our team here.

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Carpark Waterproofing And Surfacing by Mainternance Plus Ltd

At Maintenance Plus Ltd, we specialise in a wide variety of different services. We are able to protect, maintain and build using methods that only rely on the most cutting edge technology to date. Read more about our services here.

We Take Quality Assurance Seriously

Quality Assurance By Maintenance Plus Ltd

At Maintenance Plus Ltd we follow the most up-to-date and stringent quality assurance practices. Always ensuring we meet and exceed guidelines and certificates. Read more here.