Western Power Distribution, Exeter

Slip Resistant treatment to galvanised steps

A Case Study on Slip Resistant treatment to galvanised steps, Western Power Distribution, Exeter BSP.

Galvanised metal treads to fire escapes and access staircases can become extremely slippery when wet or covered in organic contamination. Western Power had an issue with this at one of their sub stations in Exeter and asked Maintenance Plus if we had a product that could solve their problem.

As these steps are used on a constant basis

They needed a solution that would cure/dry very quickly

We suggested that they use Safetrack SC which is a slip resistant coating system that will cure within 1 hour of application.

First of all we clean down the stairs with high pressure water jetting and a degreasing agent. The steps were then dried off and a T wash was applied to provide a good key. This was then flushed off with clean water.

The following day we returned to site to apply a full coat of Stirling Lloyds ZED S94 metal primer. Once this had cured we then applied a full coat of Safetrack SC to the treads and landings. Allowing 1 hour for the Safetrack SC to cure, we then applied white lines to the nosing using Safetrack LM.

Within 1 hour the steps could be trafficked with minimal disruption.

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Resin Surfacing and Flooring

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